Group Exhibition

2nd to 10th March, 2024


About The Exhibition

This exhibition was in collaboration with ArtGeminiPrize. The artists feature in this exhibition come from diverse backgrounds, with a wide range of cultural influences and artistic disciplines. From vibrant paintings that burst with colour to thought provoking abstract expressions, to a world where sustainability meets creativity. It is a celebration of the different ways in which art connects us all.

ArtGeminiPrize is an organisation that has been organising exhibitions for the past 20 years and awarding Art prizes in cash to artists in over 44 countries worth over £70,000.

List of Artists

  • Alexandra Goaga - UK

  • Alexandra Moskalenko - UK

  • Azabache Patlache - United States

  • Chung Yuk Bing - Hong Kong

  • Deborah Pearse - UK

  • Francesca Busca - UK

  • Gail Astbury - UK

  • Giulia Mastracchio - UK

  • Heena Kim - China

  • Jesus Suarez - UK

  • Monika Blanka Katterwe - Germany

  • Stefan Marcus - UK

  • Tedi Lena - UK

  • Tenslin Augustine - India

  • Zoya Chung - Czech

Figures In Focus

November, 2023


About The Exhibition

This November we present our new exhibition “Figures in Focus” showcasing works by 6 international artists. The exhibition focuses on figurative art ranging from photography, Ballpoint pen, Bronze sculptures, and paintings, all capturing the complexities of the human form and and telling stories on subjects that affect us all. 

The Artists

  • Maduka Onyebuchi

  • Sokari Higgwe

  • Fan You Long

  • Maiko Kanno

  • Zhou Haige

  • Bart Janssen

Rebirth By Jo Aidoo

1st to 31st Oct, 2023

About The Exhibition

We celebrated Black History Month, with a captivating journey into the vibrant and imaginative world of artist Jo Aidoo's awe-inspiring exhibition “Rebirth”.

At the heart of the exhibition are Jo’s stunning portraits, each meticulously crafted from juxtaposed fabrics that burst forth with colour and life. These portraits, all with an unmistakable African twist, pay homage to historical figures who have ignited Jo’s own spirit.  

“Rebirth” is a testament to the power of art as a means of personal healing and cultural celebration. It invites you to explore the stories, struggles, and triumphs of remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on history. Through Jo’s ingenious use of textiles these figures come to life with a vitality and vibrancy that captivates the soul.  

About The Artist

Born in Ghana and later living in London for over 40 years, Jo started stitching around the age of seven, using her skill as a form of expression. Having gone through and still experiencing many life challenges, including mental health issues, sewing soothes and relieves her anxious mind – allowing her to focus on her creations.

From Saint Lucia - ALWYN ST OMER

16th to 30th Sept, 2023

About The Exhibition

The “Moon Dancer” series is an abstraction of the Traditional Masquerade. It is the artist’s attempt in using painting to revive interest in and to save the Traditional Masquerade as a medium in the worldwide fight against systemic racism. A ritualistic gift from the African past, the Mask was a convenient medium of escapism in our ancestors’ secret acts of rebellion.

About The Artist

Born in 1958, Alwyn St. Omer is the fourth child in a family of nine. As a child growing up in artistic environment in Saint Lucia. (Alwyn’s father is an acclaimed international artist). Alwyn was inspired by his father’s art and the plentiful supply of picture books around the house, which served to motivate him to draw and paint pictures.

Queen Of Ballpoint 

1st Aug to 13th Sept 2023

About The Exhibition

By Popular Demand

Through out the month of August, The gallery will showcase works from acclaimed Nigerian Artist Jacqueline Suowari. (Queen of Ballpoint)

An opportunity to see some of the works from last year's spectacular exhibition.

July Art Fair 

15th July to 31st July, 2023

About The Exhibition

This July, from the 15th to 31st we will be hosting our first ever London Lighthouse Gallery & Studio Art Fair featuring works by a number of  Artists. This will be an  opportunity for everyone and anybody to become a collector. All artworks are affordable and ready to take away with you.

Featuring works by 

  • Mykolas Vainauaskas

  • Maria Malychina

  • Myriam Achour Soumati

  • Fergus Carmichael

  • Marco V Pereira

  • Sokari 

"Black & White" GPN London

1st July to 14th July, 2023

This is an exciting annual exhibition that brings together LGBTQ+ photographers in London to showcase their talents and celebrate diversity.

The exhibition features a diverse range of themes and styles, from abstract to documentary, all in black and white.

About GPN

The Gay Photographers Network, (GPN) is an organisation of gay men and women (and their friends) who are interested in photography, with the aim of creating a network and a place where people of like minds can come together and share photography ideas and knowledge. This is their third time displaying in our Gallery.

"HALF" by Mingzhang Sun

1st June to 30th June, 2023

Half” or “Ban” in Mandarin describes a feeling of incomplete understanding, a feeling that there is always something more just below the surface and just out of reach.

In this body of works, Ming is exploring the tension that exists between our physical bodies and the internal world of thought, emotion and desire. 

For him, Half  presents a way of thinking about the true nature of human existence. It is never as clear or clean as we might want it to be.

About The Artist

Mingzhang Sun is a Chinese-born artist based in London. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and the University of the Arts in London. Driven and inspired by his surroundings, Mingzhang explores and translates his experiences into visual art through paintings, drawings, sculpture, clothes, performance, and videos.

2023 Spring Exhibition

Group Exhibition By 52 Artists From Around the Globe

1st May to 31st May 2023

London Lighthouse Gallery & Studio presents our annual Spring Exhibition featuring over 98 Artworks by 52 Artists from the UK across the globe.

This year's lineup featured a variety of works by the most exiting artists from the UK and across the globe The works include paintings, prints, photography, ceramics, sculptures, textiles mixed media and much more.

Get ready to see the most exciting collections of artworks from this pool of talented artists. We promise you there is something for everyone. Be sure to visit and get your hands on some treasures.

April Artfair - 12th to 25th April 2023

I See It....,  Love It...., I Will Take It....

This April, from the 12th to 25th we will be hosting our first ever London Lighthouse Gallery & Studio Art Fair featuring works by a number of  Artists. This will be an  opportunity for everyone and anybody to become a collector. All artworks are affordable and ready to take away with you.

"You See it...., You Love it..., You Take it with you..."

Featuring works by 

  • Mingzhang Sun

  • Micha Horgan

  • Emily Davidson-Brett

  • Tabby Li

  • Toby Rainbird

  • Sokari 

  • Michael Echekoba

About The Exhibition

30th Match, 2023

London Lighthouse Gallery & Studio had the pleasure of hosting an exhibition by Gifted Children from Hong Kong. This was the second year we have worked in partnership with IGEAAA.

The exhibition was organised by IGEAAA Hong Kong, featuring 100 artworks by 100 talented children.

What an incredible pool to talented young artists. We were blown away by the quality of the works on display.

This exhibition is an inspiration for all children. Click on the virtual Tour button to these works on display in our gallery.

About The Exhibition

2nd to 28th March 2023

With this body of works the artist is exploring herself through the visual metaphor of the house, thinking about the self in spatial terms, whereby the house or dwelling becomes a rich metaphor for identity. 

Helen would like you as a viewer to wonder how you would portray yourself as a house. 

“If You Were A House, What Kind Of House Would You Be.............?”

About the Artist

Helen Hitchman Scalway trained as a sculptor at Kingston University and Chelsea College of Art. She has been an artist in residence in the Drawing Studio, Wimbledon College of Art, the Geography Departments of Royal Holloway, London University and Exeter University, and has also worked with the V&A.

About The Exhibition

15th to 28th February

Angus Stewart is a London based social documentary & portrait photographer, who spent ten years working closely with the burlesque and cabaret communities in London, getting to know the performers, while photographing, and interviewing them.


Stewart recently published his first book titled "London Burlesque - A Family Album".  This exhibition is part of the book launch and showcases a selection of images from the book.

The book is dedicated to burlesque performer and comedian, Lynn Ruth Miller, who wrote for the book but died in 2021.

About The Exhibition

1st to 14th February

"Monochrome" features works by Irish based, award winning artist & designer Orla Reynolds, and London based fine art photographer Sokari Higgwe. This exhibition showcases the beauty and simplicity of geometric and abstract shapes, presented in Black & White. 

Both artists have in their own unique ways been able to capture and create images that transport the viewer from the physical architecture to an abstract world of geometry, texture, and shapes.

Featuring 10 works, Sokari demonstrates that a single perspective can portray more than just a building, using his camera and light to capture abstract geometric forms and shapes in everyday architecture we see around us.

Reynolds is showing her iconic ‘Gray Series’ - a collection of five designs in homage to Eileen Gray. After visiting this pioneering Irish architect’s modernist villa called ‘E-1027’ in the south of France. Reynolds was inspired to create the monochromatic patterns and abstract geometric forms which showcase elements of the architecture. Using a hand pulled screen printing process.

About The Exhibition

15th to 30th November 2022

Whether it is capturing a unique moment in time, creating something truly original or simply escaping from the everyday into a world of broader horizons, GPN members invite you to see what happens when they dare to dream.

The annual exhibition is a chance for the photographers and visitors alike to pause and reflect on the resulting visual imagery, representing a range of genres and disciplines.

IGEAAA Exhibition - Hong Kong

13th to 14th November 2022

The International Gifted Education and Arts Association (IGEAAA) is the only art competition platform in Hong Kong approved by the British Art And Education Group. 

All entries in drawing competitions, coloring competitions, music competitions and design competitions will be judged by the British Art And Education Group's British professional art jury. The relevant certificates are all printed with the British Art and Education Group trademark, which is believed to be a highly recognized children's competition platform in Hong Kong. The Association also organizes various competitions and art activities through cooperationwith different organizations in the society, including coloring competitions, painting competitions, Hong Kong outstanding students competitions, hard pen calligraphy competitions, music competitions, singing competitions, etc. In order to increase the public's interest in art, culture, and performances, the Association and DR-Max Limited, a publisher of children's teaching materials, organize high-quality art promotion ambassador activities to promote the development of Hong Kong's art, culture and creative industries.

Jacqueline Suowari

Acclaimed Nigerian Artist Suowari continues to do what she loves in her latest exhibition "The Way They See Us"

Including brand new works of her iconic ballpoint pen style, this exhibition also celebrates art beyond the paper, with performance, poetry and an installation all playing a key role in this story. About her process Suowari says

"I like to look at each stroke as the human experience. One experience, one stroke -
and the gathering, and layering, and falling together creates the person and their

"The Way They See Us" is a fictional narrative series based on socio-cultural references from the artist’s hometown of Osubi in Delta state, Nigeria. The story follows three protagonists who risk it all to save their villages from tragedy. It bears the idea of embracing differences, with tribes united through love, curiosity and acceptance. 

About The Exhibition - 1st to 30th September, 2022

Bart Janssen believes that portraiture is not just about creating a copy, but also about unearthing the thoughts and feelings that govern each subject. Choosing to depict those that are not typically shown in classical sculpture, Janssen says “I want these people to be seen, as I try to provoke a connection between the portrait and the viewer.

This exhibition includes sculptures from three of Janssen’s ongoing projects:

Londoners is a portrait series of homeless Londoners, Windrush is a portrait series of the Windrush generation and Black Beauty a portrait series of black women with its inspiration Janssen’s Brazilian wife. 

Bart Janssen (Dutch) is trained as a physicist, specialised in Elementary Particles. Janssen worked as a Research Scientist at CERN. After that Janssen was employed in the financial sector for fifteen years. Without a formal art education Janssen has learnt his craft through numerous workshops at institutions such as the Florence Academy of Art, and the Heatherley School of Fine Art, London. Janssen was elected member of the Society of Portrait Sculptors (SPS) in 2021. 

About The Exhibition - 1st to 31st August, 2022

Featuring 20 works by Sokari, this exhibition showcases architectural photography as an art form, and demonstrates photography’s ability to capture a view often missed.

Sokari demonstrates that a single perspective can portray more than just a building. Each image reflects its context and the light, symmetry, and colour that conditions it’s every day. Showcasing different perspectives of architecture around the world, this exhibition highlights how certain structures come into their own when photographed from a ‘Point of View’.

Marcella Renna

About The Exhibition - 15th to 31st July, 2022

London Lighthouse Gallery & Studio is delighted to announce our Product Showcase and Meet the Makers event with Marcella Renna from 15th To 31st July 2022. 

Sokari first discovered Marcella's wonderful creations when walking the streets of Bologna just before the start of the pandemic. From then, Marcella has been a main stay in our Gift Shop. 
Alongside, The Islander Festival on the weekend of July 23rd and 24th, our gallery will be hosting a product showcase of Marcella's designs, including an artist talk and question time on Saturday. 
On Sunday, Marcella will be hosting a Ceramic Painting Workshop, where you will get to paint your very own Azzura Bowl. This is an intimate event with limited tickets, so grab yours while you can with the link below: 

Cover Story

About The Exhibition - 1st to 14th July, 2022

'Cover Story’ is a collection of front cover photographs from British queer quarterly Jack The Lad. With this exhibition, Jack The Lad is celebrating seven years of introducing its readership to artists from across the gay community, it also marks the release of this independent art and culture magazine’s 30th edition. 
With a remit to champion exciting new talent, each issue has been packed with exclusively curated galleries by specially selected artists and photographers from across the UK and around the world. Alongside these, Jack The Lad has so far featured eighty-nine ‘podcasts in print’, fascinating in-depth interviews recorded with a wide variety of actors, activists, allies, musicians, models, singers, adult entertainers, DJ’s, drag queens and film makers, many of whom often find themselves ignored by the mainstream LGBTQ+ media, but whose authentic voices speak volumes about what it really means to be gay in the 21st Century.

About The Artist

Stewart is a photographer based in London, who is commonly known for his extensive work with the circus, burlesque and cabaret communities. As he continues to capture people, each work depicts not only the individual but the community that supports them. Stewart says:

“As portrait photographers we ask a lot of the people we photograph. we ask that they trust us to represent their story with accuracy and grace.”
Some of the portraits in this exhibition depict HIV activists, but most are not. For many of the participants, taking part in this exhibition, this has been the first time that they have openly declared the fact that they are living with HIV. Each person photographed chose their own unique way of representing themselves, bringing their own props and picking the portrait that they were happy with. It is these portraits that you will see on the walls of this exhibition.

About The Exhibition - 1st to 30th June, 2022

'More to me than HIV' is a collection of 25 portraits by the documentary photographer Angus Stewart. In this exhibition, each image depicts a person who lives a life beyond their diagnoses of HIV, with the aim to combat the stigma surrounding HIV and in the process uplift both the model and the viewer.

Over the past forty years, the medical profession and community have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people affected by HIV. Today the disease is now preventable, and treatment for it is so successful, that it can play a very insignificant part of people's lives. We now know that a person who is virally suppressed cannot pass on HIV and being ‘undetectable’ helps prevent new infections. This is known as “U=U'' or ‘Undetectable equals Untransmittable’.
The exhibition booklet and all portraits are available to buy. Proceeds from this exhibition will go to the three charities in supporting those with HIV.

2022 Spring Exhibition - 1 May to 31st May

London Lighthouse Gallery & Studio presents our ‘2022 Spring Exhibition: 100 artworks by 52 artists’, our first open call to feature some of the most exciting artists across the UK and the world. The works include painting, print, photography, ceramics, sculpture and textiles, there is something for everyone, and with this opportunity for emerging artists to exhibit and sell their works, you have the chance to support them. 

About the Artist

Carl Doghouse is a photographer based in London and his main interest is portraiture and urban landscape photography. Living in one of the busiest places on the planet means that both of those interests are never far from being captured.

Inspired by shapes and shadows the challenge is to capture scenes that might be dismissed, in different ways to show their beauty and uniqueness. Flowers are truly natural works of art. The mind boggles that these beings exist and by result of evolution; attract a different species in order to ensure survival. Doghouse is excited and most often inspired by the beauty and wonder of nature even though his work is not particularly bound by nature in context.

To me frail translucent withering petals conjure up aromas of grandmother's face powder and velvet curtains, while blooms submerged in icy water command the silent visual devoid of context. As the visual of exotic large blooms make us ‘feel’ the stark sound of loud symbols crashing in brilliant colour.

About The Exhibition - 1st to 30th April, 2022

An exhibition foregrounding the subject and medium of flowers. From a sculptural installation to photographic still lives, we are framing the genius of nature and what feels like a light at the end of the tunnel. 

The art of Carl Doghouse blooms from our walls, with this being the biggest display of his floral still life series yet. Inspired by nature's own artistic oddities, these floral portraits are far from normal, with each highlighting a unique aroma, mood and extremity. The visual of exotic large blooms makes you ‘feel’ a stark sound of loud symbols crashing in brilliant colour and Carl Doghouse says:

“Till the last petal falls...may the beauty continue to mesmerise viewer, artist and narcissist alike.” 

In collaboration with Kitty Tredwin of Grandfields florists, our Gallery space is now home to the installation ‘She Sells Sea Shells'. Created with real plants, Grandfields demonstrates the artistry of floristry and the ongoing cross-over of art and popular culture. Through composition and medium, art has inspired this piece, with renaissance symbolism and the cycle of life highlighted throughout its living display. 

About Sokari

The postcards in this exhibition are postcards collected by Sokari over his years of traveling the world capturing iconic buildings, cityscapes, and architecture, some of which are over 26 years old.

When asked why he collects postcards he says:
“After visiting any city or town, I like to take a little bit of that city or town back with me, in addition to the images I have captured…..I believe postcards are an authentic representation of how a city, town or place views itself……. the way they want us to see them..”
Sokari is a photographer based in East London. Known for his architectural photography, his inspiration comes from forms and shapes that we often miss or fail to recognise in our day-to-day lives.

About The Exhibition - 14th Feb to 31st March, 2022

The term Deltiologist is given to those that collect postcards for a variety of reasons, some to remember a holiday, a memory, and others a home. In this exhibition, each image highlights ‘One Moment in Time’ sustaining the idea of postcards and ownership. The exhibition investigates the significance these small souvenirs still hold for us today.

As we travel the world through images taken and postcards collected along the way, we invite you to consider “why”, “what”, “where”, “when”, and “how” these moments in time have impacted you.
With the postcards displayed amongst artworks captured by Sokari in this exhibition, we invite you to take part and share your experiences with us. As you make your way to the back wall you will find questions written to prompt your engagement with these memories from around the world.

About The Artist

Sokari is a self-trained photographer based in East London. Driven by his passion for architecture, art, design and the human form.

“Photography for me is an art form used to capture moments in time.”

Sokari graduated with a bachelor's degree in philosophy, and later an MSc in business information technology. He worked for an investment bank in the City of London for over 16 years and finally in 2016 decided to give up his day job and follow his passion for photography.

About The Exhibition - 12th Jan to 12th Feb, 2022

Inspired by a single piece of design this collection of images presents photography’s power to capture beyond object and the human form. 

After acquiring the “Spline Chair” over 15 years ago, the photographer, Sokari was inspired to capture the beauty of its design, and to explore how human subjects would interact with it. The chair already has a very strong and bold design, so the challenge was to create an image that combines the two objects into one. The models were encouraged to interact and play with the chair and find ways to create shapes and forms using their bodies.

What you see here is the result of those sessions. Some of the models had never seen the chair before the shoot, nor had they seen pictures from previous shoots. This exhibition presents a playful engagement between performance and design, as model and prop are unified.

About Orla Reynolds

Orla Reynolds is an Irish furniture designer and artist specialising in dual function transformer furniture and geometric patterns. Her award winning designs have been sold worldwide and exhibited internationally in Milan and London. She has been featured in publications such as WIRED and VOGUE. Her work is inspired by imagining the home as a stage.

About The Exhibition - 1st Dec, 2021 to 11th Jan, 2022

Featuring  geometric prints and contemporary furniture, this exhibition explores the joyful cross-over of architecture, performance and design. This is Orla Reynolds first solo show and also the first time that these different projects will be shown side-by-side. 
The exhibition includes the award-winning ‘As if from nowhere...' bookcase, a prime example of modern modular design. Inspired by her ballerina roots, Reynolds' approach to design is similar to that of the stage. As you engage further with this installation the colourful and symmetric line formations come to life. Reynolds says, ‘The bookcase is the nucleus of this production, the four chairs are the four swans in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and the tables are the corps de ballet bringing the production together.’

The Artists - GPN Annual Exhibition

Jonathan Armour, Aaron Bergman, Darren Brade, David Cook, Cliff Docherty, Carl Doghouse, Renos Erotocritou, Gaz, Pedro Gutierrez Montejo, Sokari Higgwe, Stuart Hull, Bob Jezzard, Sakib Khan, Alec Lermon, Graham Martin, Rusty Mehta, Raul Moya Mula, Kamlan Munsamy, Rob Olsen, Chris Parkin, Steve Power, Angus Stewart, Geoff Titley, Nickolai Volobuyev, Georgios Zampas.

About The Exhibition - 15th to 30th November, 2021

The Gay Photographers Network, (GPN) is an organisation of gay men and women (and their friends) who are interested in photography, with the aim of creating a network and a place where people of like minds can come together and share photography ideas and knowledge. This is their second time displaying in our Gallery.

The Artists - Creatives of City Island

Bart Janssen, Charis Callia, Charles Chohra, Danielle Kalinovskis, Erick Teixeira, Bert Wilson, Jack Flemming , Joseph Ijoyemi, Michelle Dallocchio, Naistini Valaydon, Navina Rajan, Nick Cicatello, Niharika Hariharan, Paul Elmes, Sophie Ogbonda-Jardine, Stefan Marcus, Sandy Birdi, Wen Ding.

About The Exhibition - 1st to 14th November, 2021

As part of our commitment to bringing the creative community together, we are proud to present this special Exhibition "Creatives Of City Island"  Through an Open Call process we reached out to our community, for submission of works and we were blown away with the abundance of creativity, talent and body of works submitted. Each piece representing a different story.The exhibition includes paintings, prints, photography, sculpture and film, but most importantly the works are for sale, so you have the chance to support a creative from London City Island.

About Brunel Johnson

Brunel Johnson is a candid street and commercial sports, lifestyle, and documentary photographer who hails from North West London. Shortly after studying Mathematics at university, Brunel picked up the camera or as Brunel recalls "It chose me, it all happened by accident." He hasn't looked back since! 

Brunel draws inspiration from every and anywhere, capturing mundane moments and heightening its depth by increasing the intensity of the moment captured. Buses, shop windows, London underground, playgrounds, orphanages, landscapes and the streets are Brunel's canvas. 

About The Exhibition - Can You See Me Now

In celebration of Black History Month this exhibition tells the story of so many. While empowering Black and Minority groups to express their struggles, feelings and experiences of living in Britain this exhibition also offers an insight into the young lives impacted by negative stereotypes within our society.
Brunel Johnson photograph’s capture the intimate moments where young volunteers face the external projections that inform their everyday existence. This exhibition includes photography stills and short films. With the exhibition being solely curated by Sokari Higgwe the founder of London Lighthouse Gallery & Studio the Private Viewing will be the first time that Brunel sees this project come to life and we hope to share this moment with you. 

All prints are for sale with proceeds going to three very special charities that continue to help, support and celebrate Black lives within our community. 
RISE 365

About Annabel MacIver

Annabel MacIver is a London and Bedfordshire based artist with an earlier degree in Anatomical Science (Neuroscience) and an earlier career as a pharmaceutical analyst in the City. After leaving this, among other things she ran a life drawing group for many years and then graduated from the Art Academy, London with a First in Fine Art in 2018.

Annabel has won a variety of prizes for her work, notably the Intaglio, Pure and Surrey Sculpture Prizes while at the Art Academy. Since leaving, she won The Pure Print Prize, and the Art Academy Open Print prize in July this year, judged by David Cleaton-Roberts of Cristea Roberts Gallery.

She has exhibited in many group shows, including the RA Summer Exhibition, the Royal West of England Academy Show, the Society of Women Artists show, and the Woolwich Print Fair. She has also been involved in the curation and staging of various group exhibitions with fellow artists.

About The Exhibition - Bird

Bird arose when a small mummified Bird was found in a disused fireplace, exactly how long it had lain there was uncertain, but what was certain was that it had died trapped, in terror and lay frozen in time. This resulted in a first small oil painting on an old piece of found floorboard from the house where Bird lay (Bird Is). And what followed was poetry, and through painting, print and sculpture, a dialogue about the process of becoming dust, the fragility of life and the solitary nature of death.

The variety of media used tend to explore differing emotions related to Bird, although together they make a whole. Annabel’s 10 poems relate to the sadness and vulnerability of this small body, and of life. They emphasise the many emotions that she attached to Bird, from the pain and fear evident in the appearance of what she found, to the acceptance, silence, and bittersweet freedom of the release from trauma in death. They also relate to her own grief. To bring her words forward, all the titles of her works are from lines in these poems.

About Sokari Higgwe

Sokari is a fine art photographer based in the UK. His style is influenced by the environment and the world around him, which is the catalyst for his creativity and inspiration for his work. Driven by his passion for architecture, art, design, and the human form, Sokari uses photography to showcase a fresh and creative perspective of his subjects. According to Sokari “I capture my subjects from feelings within me, and as I perceive them at the time. Photography for me is an art form used to capture special moments in time”.

About The Exhibition - Face Off

Combining the paint brush, the human form, light & colour to create art. By using the body as a canvas, the photographer captures and preserves in time imagery from his ever-evolving imagination of the natural beauty of the human form.

The exhibition invites you to investigate the details of human face from an artistic stance. 

About Sokari

Sokari is a fine art photographer based in the UK. His style is influenced by the environment and the world around him, which is the catalyst for his creativity and inspiration for his work. Driven by his passion for architecture, art, design, and the human form, Sokari uses photography to showcase a fresh and creative perspective of his subjects. According to Sokari “I capture my subjects from feelings within me, and as I perceive them at the time. Photography for me is an art form used to capture special moments in time”.

About The Exhibition - Rainbow (Celebrating Pride Month)

The exhibition explores the topics of "Depression", "Loneliness" &" Sexuality", using a rainbow organza fabric to show the connection between them. As humans we have all had to deal with at least one or more of these, at different points in our lives. 
Sokari uses the fabric which is acting as a protective shield or veil over the subjects, to capture stunning images of his subjects, who are at times struggling to stay  safe, or at ease, or trying to escape from the burden placed on them by loneliness, depression, or their sexuality.

About The Exhibition - Heart /of the Heart/ of Another Country

“In the Heart /of the Heart/ of Another Country”  is a group exhibition featuring Amy-Leigh Bird, Shaun Fraser, Joe Richardson, Ulgen Semerci, Caglar Tahiroglu. a selection of some of London's new and emerging artists. 
The exhibition aims to discuss the creation of the neologism of newcomers for these noncitizen immigrants, while re-questioning the concept of identity, mobility and trilogy of state-nation-territory from a dialectic contribution.

About Steve Kalinda

Steve is a self-taught Artist, who worked in finance before diving into his passion for creating. He discovered his love for graphic design and photography when he decided to go back to university to study film and philosophy, and while freelancing on various projects in the film industry. Steve would draw every day, using his phone as his initial medium, before transferring to various software on his computer to finish off the work. 

About The Exhibition - Quarantena

Quarantena is selection of drawings I did last year during the first lockdown. It was very strange to see London so empty like in a post-apocalyptic film, it's very surreal. The idea of being alone felt very real to me. I love space and quietness, but this was different. Was it loneliness?
A combination of geometric shapes and vibrant colours to create beautiful spaces, I then added a human silhouette to emphasise the feeling of isolation.
We long for things to ease up so we can go back to living our lives once more, but we also know that what we know as normal isn't what we want to get back to.  Our mental health is something that has become important to us, prioritising things that matter, and it is my hope that our future will be one that reflects this. Being kinder to each other, being more aware of how we affect the person next to us, that is what matters. We give each other hope, just by occupying the same space.

About Sokari

I am a self-trained photographer based in the UK, my work is influenced by the environment and the world around me. Driven by passion for architecture, art, design and the human form. I capture my subjects from feelings within me, and as I perceive them at the time. Photography for me is an art form used to capture special moments in time.

I graduated with bachelor's degree in philosophy, and later an MSc. in business information technology. I worked for an investment bank in the City of London for over 16 years. In 2016 I decided to give up my day job and follow my passion for photography.

About The Exhibition - Pandemic

In March 2020, everything seemed to stop and the world around us was frozen. I shut down my photography studio and stayed at home like everyone else. However, unlike most people, I was not able to use “Zoom” to do what I loved doing, because photography involves being physically present.

There were moments when I felt like I was not going to get through the lockdown, because I was not getting any new jobs or commissions. But, with so much time on my hands I found myself looking back into my archives and rediscovering images that I had not had time to process, and probably would never have seen the light of day.

The images you see in this exhibition are a small selection of those “lockdown works”. They range from images I took a few years ago to some that I shot at the later part of the pandemic. In many ways these images helped pull me through this dark period and gave me a new sense of purpose during these trying times.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to life.

About GPN

London Gay Photographers Network (GPN) will be showcasing a photography exhibition in support of the Black Lives matter movement. GPN is an organisation of gay men and women (and their friends) who are interested in photography, with the aim of creating a network and a place where people of like minds can come together and share photography ideas and knowledge.

About The Exhibition - GPN Supports BLM

Inspired by George Floyd whose tragic death triggered a worldwide response focussing on the injustices faced by people of colour in The United States of America, and the world over. The exhibition will showcase photographic and written displays on the issues raised by the movement. This sincere and thought-provoking display will hopefully help keep the spirit of the moment alive.

Proceeds from the show were donated to the charity



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