About Sokari Higgwe

Sokari is a fine art photographer based in the UK. His style is influenced by the environment and the world around him, which is the catalyst for his creativity and inspiration for his work. Driven by his passion for architecture, art, design, and the human form, Sokari uses photography to showcase a fresh and creative perspective of his subjects. According to Sokari “I capture my subjects from feelings within me, and as I perceive them at the time. Photography for me is an art form used to capture special moments in time”.

About The Exhibition

Combining the paint brush, the human form, light & colour to create art. By using the body as a canvas, the photographer captures and preserves in time imagery from his ever-evolving imagination of the natural beauty of the human form.
The exhibition invites you to investigate the details of human face from an artistic stance. 

About The Exhibition

“In the Heart /of the Heart/ of Another Country”  is a group exhibition featuring Amy-Leigh Bird, Shaun Fraser, Joe Richardson, Ulgen Semerci, Caglar Tahiroglu. a selection of some of London's new and emerging artists. 
The exhibition aims to discuss the creation of the neologism of newcomers for these noncitizen immigrants, while re-questioning the concept of identity, mobility and trilogy of state-nation-territory from a dialectic contribution.

About Steve Kalinda

Steve is a self-taught Artist, who worked in finance before diving into his passion for creating. He discovered his love for graphic design and photography when he decided to go back to university to study film and philosophy, and while freelancing on various projects in the film industry. Steve would draw every day, using his phone as his initial medium, before transferring to various software on his computer to finish off the work. 

About The Exhibition

Quarantena is selection of drawings I did last year during the first lockdown. It was very strange to see London so empty like in a post-apocalyptic film, it's very surreal. The idea of being alone felt very real to me. I love space and quietness, but this was different. Was it loneliness?
A combination of geometric shapes and vibrant colours to create beautiful spaces, I then added a human silhouette to emphasise the feeling of isolation.
We long for things to ease up so we can go back to living our lives once more, but we also know that what we know as normal isn't what we want to get back to.  Our mental health is something that has become important to us, prioritising things that matter, and it is my hope that our future will be one that reflects this. Being kinder to each other, being more aware of how we affect the person next to us, that is what matters. We give each other hope, just by occupying the same space.

About Sokari Higgwe

I am a self-trained photographer based in the UK, my work is influenced by the environment and the world around me. Driven by passion for architecture, art, design and the human form. I capture my subjects from feelings within me, and as I perceive them at the time. Photography for me is an art form used to capture special moments in time.

I graduated with bachelor's degree in philosophy, and later an MSc. in business information technology. I worked for an investment bank in the City of London for over 16 years. In 2016 I decided to give up my day job and follow my passion for photography.

About The Exhibition

In March 2020, everything seemed to stop and the world around us was frozen. I shut down my photography studio and stayed at home like everyone else. However, unlike most people, I was not able to use “Zoom” to do what I loved doing, because photography involves being physically present.

There were moments when I felt like I was not going to get through the lockdown, because I was not getting any new jobs or commissions. But, with so much time on my hands I found myself looking back into my archives and rediscovering images that I had not had time to process, and probably would never have seen the light of day.

The images you see in this exhibition are a small selection of those “lockdown works”. They range from images I took a few years ago to some that I shot at the later part of the pandemic. In many ways these images helped pull me through this dark period and gave me a new sense of purpose during these trying times.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to life.

About GPN

London Gay Photographers Network (GPN) will be showcasing a photography exhibition in support of the Black Lives matter movement. GPN is an organisation of gay men and women (and their friends) who are interested in photography, with the aim of creating a network and a place where people of like minds can come together and share photography ideas and knowledge.

About The Exhibition

Inspired by George Floyd whose tragic death triggered a worldwide response focussing on the injustices faced by people of colour in The United States of America, and the world over. The exhibition will showcase photographic and written displays on the issues raised by the movement. This sincere and thought-provoking display will hopefully help keep the spirit of the moment alive.


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