6th October to 31st October 2022

Jacqueline Suowari

Coming to you this October, for the first time in the UK - 'Queen of the Ballpoint'.

Acclaimed Nigerian Artist Suowari continues to do what she loves in her latest exhibition "The Way They See Us"

Including brand works of her iconic ballpoint pen style, this exhibition also celebrates art beyond the paper, with performance, poetry and an installation all playing a key role in this story. About her process Suowari says

"I like to look at each stroke as the human experience. One experience, one stroke -
and the gathering, and layering, and falling together creates the person and their

"The Way They See Us" is a fictional narrative series based on socio-cultural references from the artist’s hometown of Osubi in Delta state, Nigeria. The story follows three protagonists who risk it all to save their villages from tragedy. It bears the idea of embracing differences, with tribes united through love, curiosity and acceptance. 


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