About The Exhibition

Combining the paint brush, the human form, light & colour to create art. By using the body as a canvas, the photographer captures and preserves in time imagery from his ever-evolving imagination of the natural beauty of the human form.
The exhibition invites you to investigate the details of human face from an artistic stance. 

Opening 10th July to 31st July 2021

About The Artist

Sokari Higgwe

Sokari is a fine art photographer based in the UK. His style is influenced by the environment and the world around him, which is the catalyst for his creativity and inspiration for his work.
Driven by his passion for architecture, art, design, and the human form, Sokari uses photography to showcase a fresh and creative perspective of his subjects.
According to Sokari “I capture my subjects from feelings within me, and as I perceive them at the time. Photography for me is an art form used to capture special moments in time”.


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