About The Artist

Sokari is a self-trained photographer based in East London. Driven by his passion for architecture, art, design and the human form.

“Photography for me is an art form used to capture moments in time.”

Sokari graduated with a bachelor's degree in philosophy, and later an MSc in business information technology. He worked for an investment bank in the City of London for over 16 years and finally in 2016 decided to give up his day job and follow his passion for photography.

About The Exhibition

Inspired by a single piece of design this collection of images presents photography’s power to capture beyond object and the human form. 

After acquiring the “Spline Chair” over 15 years ago, the photographer, Sokari was inspired to capture the beauty of its design, and to explore how human subjects would interact with it. The chair already has a very strong and bold design, so the challenge was to create an image that combines the two objects into one. The models were encouraged to interact and play with the chair and find ways to create shapes and forms using their bodies.

What you see here is the result of those sessions. Some of the models had never seen the chair before the shoot, nor had they seen pictures from previous shoots. This exhibition presents a playful engagement between performance and design, as model and prop are unified.


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