"HALF" by Mingzhang Sun

1st June to 30th June, 2023

Private View

8th June, 6pm to 9.30pm

About The Exhibition

“Half” or “Ban” in Mandarin describes a feeling of incomplete understanding, a feeling that there is always something more just below the surface and just out of reach.

In this body of works, Ming is exploring the tension that exists between our physical bodies and the internal world of thought, emotion and desire. 

For him, Half  presents a way of thinking about the true nature of human existence. It is never as clear or clean as we might want it to be.

In his own words Ming says.......

“There is another side of me that remains blurry and out of focus, and it could be that I will never fully be able to see into that fuzzy space. There is the half that I can do and the half I need to let go, and yet, even letting it go leaves a memory just out of view.”

About The Artist

Mingzhang Sun is a Chinese-born artist based in London. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and the University of the Arts in London. Driven and inspired by his surroundings, Mingzhang explores and translates his experiences into visual art through paintings, drawings, sculpture, clothes, performance, and videos.


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