About The Artist


Brunel Johnson is a candid street and commercial sports, lifestyle, and documentary photographer who hails from North West London. Shortly after studying Mathematics at university, Brunel picked up the camera or as Brunel recalls "It chose me, it all happened by accident." He hasn't looked back since! 

Brunel draws inspiration from every and anywhere, capturing mundane moments and heightening its depth by increasing the intensity of the moment captured. Buses, shop windows, London underground, playgrounds, orphanages, landscapes and the streets are Brunel's canvas. 

1st Oct to 31st Oct 2021



About The Exhibition

In celebration of Black History Month this exhibition tells the story of so many. While empowering Black and Minority groups to express their struggles, feelings and experiences of living in Britain this exhibition also offers an insight into the young lives impacted by negative stereotypes within our society.

Brunel Johnson photograph’s capture the intimate moments where young volunteers face the external projections that inform their everyday existence. This exhibition includes photography stills and short films. 

With the exhibition being solely curated by Sokari Higgwe the founder of London Lighthouse Gallery & Studio the Private Viewing will be the first time that Brunel sees this project come to life and we hope to share this moment with you. 

All prints are for sale with proceeds going to three very special charities that continue to help, support and celebrate Black lives within our community. 

  • RISE 365

Breathe - Series By Mo Ali

Part of our celebration of Black History Month will include a screening of acclaimed producer Mo Ali’s latest film series titled ‘Breathe’. 
This project showcases the best of British Black talent in film. Throughout ‘Breathe’ you witness three Black narratives interconnected through time and space. From father to son, mother to daughter and partner to partner each story covers a conversation about life, grief and the heightened threat on our identities and mental health during lockdown. 


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